I have an extensive range of kit that I own, and work with a number of companies to rent anything extra or unusual that may be required.

My kit includes:

Panasonic Varicam LT,

Panasonic GH5s, 

Sony FS7 with ProRes Adapter,

Sony A7s,

Full Set of Cine Xenar Prime Lenses,

Canon Cinema 15.5-47mm Zoom,

10 - 200mm lens kits,

Phantom 4 Advanced Drone

Matte Box and Follow Focus Rig,

Wireless HD Monitoring,

DJI Ronin MX, DJI Osmo,

Steadicam Flyer Rig,


Motion Control Slider,

A range of Fresnel and Soft lights, including LED Flexipanels

6x4 California Sunbounce Reflector,

GoPro Kits, including GoPro Fusion 360

Straight and Curved Track with Lightweight Dolly,

Magic Arms/K-Clamps etc.

One-Man-Band sound kit,

Location DIT kit


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